Getting all free and doesn’t work  anymore you need to replace it just.

  • to replace anything that gets Heart disease  old so I mean obviously recently I went to Walgreen.
  • you know eyes nowhere I love water anything
  • ‘CVS right okay so I  wanted to get a new toothpaste so I decided to get this .
  • hello toothpaste and mouthwash the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life so.

Cute and they have  like I think five different flavors I want to say this one is

  • monitor mint but it just tastes minty it doesn’t really taste like monitor it’s more.
  • like a minty  flavor but um yeah it is a anti cavities who paste that string.
Heart disease
Heart disease
  • and whitens teeth and this is a seriously friendly mouthwash so basically it’s  natural
  • as you can  see on here the ingredients are pretty self-explanatory they contain

Only two different sweetening 

  • much natural and yeah I really  like this I love the way that it feels on my teeth it doesn’t burn.
  • my teeth or do anything crazy to it and I mean I haven’t really noticed any more whitening
  • capabilities but it does work  to be a natural product cuz I noticed that some natural products.

don’t really work as well to me anyway but I mean I like it it’s nice and then the mouthwash

  • I love this mouthwash because it doesn’t  burn I hate mouthwashes that burn my mouth
  • up I hate that but it doesn’t have any alcohol in it no artificial colors no harsh chemicals
  • no burning sensation it tasting it it feels good I like it being ran out of floss before
  • I made  this video which is bad because I should probably show.