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Ameritas Dental The film comes in a variety of sizes the full melt series radiography combines the bite wing and per apical radiography displaying all of the Ameritas Dental the roots and the surrounding structures the panoramic radiography.

Ameritas Dental
Ameritas Dental

Ameritas Dental all of the teeth and much of the jaw and bone structure it is rectangular in shape and is typically inches long by inches high regulations concerning.

Dental assistants exposing radiography vary from state to state the dental assistant needs to be familiar with these regulations along with .

The various types of radiography and x-ray machines to help minimize radiation to himself or herself and to the patient to begin the assistant confirms that the control panel exposure button tube head and counter tops are covered.

This aids in infection control and helps prevent potential disease transmission the dental assistant should wear the appropriate personal protective equipment gloves gown mask and protective eye wear then the dental assistant places .

A lead apron and thyroid shield over the patient the lead apron and thyroid shield aid in minimizing scatter radiation exposure to the patient’s body faster speeds of film help reduce radiation to the patient because less exposure time is needed the appropriate.

type of film is chosen based on the type of x-ray required there are many different types of x-ray machines available today standard x-ray