Dental insurance dental insurance

Been told everything that you actually did they don’t know if you know whenever you were in there if you did something.

What you had on the treatment dental insurance dental insurance plan just because it had your gun so they Manatee getting billed for it or whatever maybe number.

dental insurance dental insurance
dental insurance dental insurance

Two they may not understand these rules either they may they may have gotten a question from the insurance company saying we’ve.

denied this claim due to the fact that we don’t have any pictures or something like that or there was no whatever the documentation.

wasn’t since along with it and they put it in their heads well there’s gonna be a pain on the sign of I’m going to do the automatic.

downgrade next time that they gave me they automatically downgrade it from one thing to another and so they just say well.

instead of me you know getting denied the next time I’m just going to file it as is because that’s easier to do and they’re going.

downgrade it for me anyways right is what they are is what they’re thinking even though that may not be the case so I been saying this.

to illustrate our listeners that even if you think you’re okay in this area you may not be because it may be getting taken out of yours.

hands and you do not realize so yeah well it’s a good idea the point is in most aspects of our lives we are biased towards ourselves sure. 

right so having a third party come in and take the opportunity review that’s unbiased can really enlighten the practitioner really really.

unlike the dentist is – Wow I thought dental insurance dental insurance my numbers were higher here or I thought my numbers are lower but when you have another pair.