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This is after all how they make their money and earn interest on time delays as you know most relationship issues arise due to misunderstandings of expectation Dental Insurance No Waiting Period and lack of clarity we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations on the quality of care and providing you a comfortable dental experience we are equally committed to educating you on dental insurance tactics.


Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance


We want to make sure that dental insurance companies don’t get between our relationship with you we understand how disappointing dental insurance coverage can be the simple Dental Insurance fact is that dental insurance plans first appeared in the early s most plans had a yearly maximum of today almost years later most plans still have an annual maximum.

Yet the premiums have continued to increase do you know what one thousand dollars spent in equates to in a hundred and fifty one dollars it’s deplorable that insurance benefits have not kept up [Music] following the same conservative inflation insurance maximums should have risen to over, per year.

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period | Dental Insurance

How many of you have a year maximum that’s right less than of you truthfully your premiums have increased but your benefits have not so it is important to understand dental insurance is never a pay all it is only an aid to help you apply a coupon to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses adding to more frustration is that patients and dental offices are told when we call for clarification on coverage.

That quote coverage is not a guarantee of payment end quote and some companies will even state that quote downgrades can vary per patient end quote these statements mean that we have no way of telling patients with any degree of accuracy what their coverage will be reviewing coverage tables and calculating out-of-pocket expenses should be a matter of simple math but it is far from simple.

>When not all the information is given to dental offices insurance companies will not tell dental offices the fee allowance schedule which is what we need to be able to calculate what they will pay the good news is they will generally tell patients so.

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