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Natural Mouthwash :- Mouth have natural mouthwash  to do with the dentition other than it  affects it but there are systemic diseases that we evaluate and diagnose.

All day long we deal with impacted teeth we deal with traumas facial traumas  little Johnny running through the house tripping .

On the rug doing a faceplant on  the coffee table breaking his face and/or teeth we see this all the time and if you do imaging .

Natural Mouthwash
Natural Mouthwash

If you do advanced  imaging in your practice there are medically necessary reasons that explain to the medical

insurance company while you’re doing these images and that makes  them payable in my practice I love treating obstructive sleep apnea and tmd and these are common diagnosis codes.

It would be related to these type of conditions and at the very least do we  or do we not evaluate our patients for oral and maxillofacial.

Cancer absolutely that reason alone makes our examinations medically necessary and by being medically necessary.

That means payable  by medical insurance and you’re probably thinking wow I thought this course would be just about codes.

Chris give me some codes I need some codes well here are some codes these are common codes for  procedures billed by.

Dental practices to medical insurance my question is do you perform any of these procedures in your practice I certainly.

Think you do and how about some more codes here are some  more codes if you’d like to have codes here you go do .

you do any of these procedures in your practice absolutely and again this is not an all-inclusive list just an idea to give you a taste of what medically billable