Humana dental company more than likely you know if they don’t contact us they could or perhaps we’ll contact you and in fact insurance company can just come out and do an inspection on your property without notifying you now will they try to do that yes .

Humana dental
Humana dental

Many times especially on commercial deals and if it’s just like a roof job even on residential you know the insurance company is not thinking about the potential of.

their being interior work or maybe they’d even review your estimate thoroughly to see if there was interior work or perhaps other exterior damage and they just decide they’re gonna

Come out and look at the roof when nobody’s around and go on their way and so there’s nobody there to keep them honest in that situation and you could probably guess that many times when they do that they don’t even bother to

Get up on the roof at all they just go and look at it oh yeah no damage here we’re moving on or looking at it and I don’t see why we have to add all these other items here we’re moving on and then again they contact the property owner to ask .

Where you found these contractors at you know again it’s back to that trying to drive a wedge between the property owner and the client there’s many different they do that so a way to get around that is to let the client know that they have to have an appointment to come out and inspect anything and if they try to come out without an appointment that inspection doesn’t count he’s like you’re on the same page with me mr.